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Easer Lifestyle is a3PL and 4PL logistics, errand, facility maintenance and lifestyle company in Nigeria.

Easer Lifestyle?

Easer Lifestyle Co. is one of Nigeria’s  leading providers of end-to-end service. We combine 3p/4p Value-Added LogisticsErrand and Robust Food Sharing Services. Our range of solutions are positioned to ensure that we save you time which could be invested in other activities.
Our end-to-end solution is open to partnerships as we are constantly expanding with a drive to add more value.

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We are passionate about customers

A huge thanks to all my customers and peeps repping us. The journey has been amazing but quite profound. From setting up a business, being boss to suddenly becoming the one who had to also jump behind a wheel to personally go deliver products. I must say the learning curve has been AMAZING!
It may sound a bit strange to talk about passion when it comes to businesses that deal with loads of customer service. Perhaps, but I believe that having a real interest in and passion for what one does cannot help but to infuse that activity with power. This is particularly true when we speak of serving others as business owners or in our everyday life.
This has been our mantra at Easer Lifestyle Ltd. We look for daily pressure points, ease it up, then spice it up with loads of customer service and BOOM, YOU HAVE A BUSINESS!  In reality, it’s not that seamless but that is what we do as a business – no matter what our role is– we exist to serve the customer. For without a customer there is no business.
Founder & Chief Serving Officer
 Easer Lifestyle Ltd.