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    Easer Lifestyle Co. is one of Nigeria’s  leading providers of end-to-end service. We combine 3p/4p Value-Added Logistics, Errand and Robust Food Sharing Services. Our range of solutions are positioned to ensure that we save you time which could be invested in other activities.
    Our products and services are built to contribute immensely towards enhancing the lifestyle of individuals within our community. Our end-to-end solution is open to partnerships as we are constantly expanding with a drive to add more value.

    Fast Service

    You benefit from our quick innovative approach to either our errands, facility cleaning, 3PL/4PL or any of our other services. A character in our staff DNA.

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    Safe Delivery

    You benefit from our experience in delivering effective solutions to the complex global supply chains of some of the continent’s biggest corporations.

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    24/7 Support

    All of which explains why you’ll find the team of outstanding support at Easer Lifestyle ready to apply their passion for solutions in support of your business.

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    Why choose us

    What Makes Us Different

    • We are PASSIONATE
    • We are FAST
    • We are EFFICIENT
    Why customers love us

    We are passionate about our customers

    Our professional Business Solution team understands every aspect of our customers’ business needs, to provide seamless integrated customised solutions of otherwise separate logistics processes, designed with care for today’s supply chain business.

    We have the experience and know-how to achieve the fine balance between cost and service requirements. We strive to achieve excellence in service by delivering on our customer value proposition driven by

    • Dedication to continual improvement
    • Professional and proactive business partnership
    • Simple and efficient customer interactions
    • Customer centric value added solutions
    • Reliable and high quality service provision
    • Engaged, empowered and experienced associates

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    Why customers love us

    We are Fast

    Whether it’s a new business inquiry or a question about an existing order, customers want one thing when they reach out to us: Answers.

    “When it comes to customer service, our #1 priority is speed in communication. We want to communicate with customers as quickly as possible, and as thoroughly as possible. We want them to know as much as we know.

    In our recent report, 91% of leaders said they believed they could close more business by responding faster. But how fast is fast enough?

    • Only 25% say they respond in less than 30 minutes

    • 62% of companies say they respond within an hour of receiving a customer inquiry

    • 46% say it takes between an hour and 4 hours to respond to a new customer inquiry

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    Why customers love us

    We are performance driven

    We always seek to create a performance-driven culture, in which our business strategies adapt with changes in business patterns. This in turn drives changes in the operational behaviors of our delivery agents, managers and customers.At our core is a culture that strives for better performance every day. We compete today with our yesterday’s best results and a painstaking efforts to inculcate a performance driven culture.See Case Studies

    Why customers love us

    We are EFFICIENT

    As we work extra hard to maintain our reputation as a reliable logistics company, we will move, track and deliver everything timely, prioritizing the your needs. Our goal is to provide logistics services efficiently using a steady business model and experience that smoothens out transportation. See Case Studies

    Our services offered to clients within and outside Lagos are insignia. We "Ease You Up" and give you time for other things.

    Our Services

    3PL/4PL Logistics

    30+ Bikes and Trucks Servicing Nigerian Cities and beyond

    Bulk Food Sharing

    From Ibeju Swamp Market to Mile 12, We cover it all.


    1,000,000 km+ Monthly

    Commercial Cleaning Services

    1,200+ homes and 300+ offices

    3PL/4PL Logistics

    30+ Bikes and Trucks

    Easer Lifestyle offers a flexible and core focused third-party logistics (3PL) services, specialized in integrating logistics operations, warehousing, distribution, customs and transportation. 3PL services gives us the ability to hold superior knowledge, flexibility and global reach. It is important for us to deliver a cost effective, streamlined and efficient supply chain management to our clients and to be known as a loyal third-party logistics provider.

    Food Sharing

    From Ibeju Swamp Market to Mile 12, We cover it all.




    Errand Running Services. Contact us to Join our errand force

    We cover 1,000,000 km+ Monthly across all our errands.

    Our errand services department was created so you do not have to do it while also dealing with your family, career and other important aspects of everyday living. Our errand team consists of easers whose backgrounds have been checked and vetted to exclude the possibility of criminal records. These easers constantly work with clients to ensure that their errands are carried out professionally and dutifully.

    The Easer Team spend their time running client errands by:

    • Providing care and support for all types of clients
    • Errand running for domestic and business customers
    • Errand running for International Clients who a peek at our board of directors eases them up.



    Commercial Cleaning Services

    Over 1,200+ homes and 300+ offices cleaned annually

    Easer Lifestyle tailors its cleaning services to meet the needs of our ever-growing clientele in Lagos and Abuja. Our clientele satisfaction ranks highest for us.  environment clean is paramount to us..We offer various cleaning services ranging from domestic household cleaning to commercial premises cleaning. Our polite easer-ninjas simply glide through your premises whitewashing and cleaning with the uttmost attention to detail without obstructing your work itenary. 

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    We have learnt to render our services across various industries.

    Our Mindset

    As one of the leading service solution providers in Nigeria, Easer Lifestyle is intent with their approach to service delivery.


    Dear Customer: Bulk food sharing slot bookings that come in after Thursday will be attended to the upper week as sharing activities commence Friday to Saturday.

    Or call us   +234-810-905-5475

      Here are some of the amazing people who trusted us enough to give us business opportunities.

      Our Testimonials

      • Simply beautiful in their approach to Logistics and quality service in the Lagos island axis. A staff member introduced us to their weekend foodstuff community sharing of cow, goat, yams, onions etc and were all hooked. Fasteaser is recommended. Highly.

        Soji (Anttention Media Africa)
      • Smart staff and i don’t need to repeat myself endlessly before they get things delivered. I’ll give you guys a 90%.

        Bridget Ayeni
        M.D Grace Lawrence Partners
      • I got a laptop 💻 delivered by them and it was intact. They are great and happy people

        Homerunner NG
      • Happy new year to you Mrs Anuli and team. They are an errand company in the lagos island axis who know what they are doing. While at work, they shop and deliver to your house . they simply just ease me up from a lot of stress in keeping with their name. No eating your food, picking your meat, running away with goods or opening packages that i witnessed with a lot of these delivery guys before.

        Ret'd Col Bimbo O.
        CEOs Office
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