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Starting an errands service business in Nigeria is a potential goldmine if properly managed. With the dawn of the pandemic came a boom in this industry locally. With gender role balance occurring in many Nigerian homes most women are no longer housewives but support providers. This switch has left many homes with no one to do the everyday tasks. Individuals will lead busier lives as time progresses and this implies that the errand service niche will increasingly get busier. 

The resultant effect of this busy schedule is the burst of various errands service businesses. This usually involves the execution of tasks for payment. This tasks can be as little as disposing dirt to tasks as serious as going to the market to shop for a home. Errand service businesses like Easer Lifestyle are heavily involved in the carrying out of day to day activities such as market runs, grocery shopping, etc.

There are two major groups of errand activities. They are the simple errands and the complex errands. Simple errands are errands that do not need any major skill to carry out. They can be performed by about anyone. Examples of such errands are utility bill payment, laundry pick-up and delivery, house sitting, grocery shopping, etc. Complex errands however are such errands that require certain skills. They usually cannot be executed by individuals that lack such skills. Examples of complex errands include appointment management, booking flight tickets, etc.

Therefore, choice of errand type to be carried out is made based on skill level.

Requirements for starting an errand service business in Nigeria

Here are the basic requirements for beginning an errand service business in Nigeria.

Setting up a Legal structure for the business;

Your decision on the legal structure of the business is the first major step because the structure will definitely impact your tax payment.

Insurance and licensing;

Insurance is very needed in the running of an errand service business in Nigeria. This is because running this business has a lot of risks attached to it.

Trust is major issue in our society today. Due to this, no one will give a stranger access to his/her property. Therefore, to effectively run an errand service business in Nigeria. It is important to obtain licenses from both your local and state government.  A federal tax identification number is also very important.

 Get a Great Business name;

Getting an awesome business name for your business is very key. It could be the stand-out factor. In choosing a business name, make sure the name chosen has not been registered by another company. It is also important to have the name of your city attached to your business name.


To effectively run an errant service business in Nigeria, a vehicle is needed. For a start, a bike might just be good enough. However, a pick-up truck will be perfect. Although, if services offered do not demand movement from one point to another, a means of transportation might not be necessary. Business cards will also be needed, as they are a great means of promoting your brand. In the choice of a vehicle, fuel should be considered. It is therefore important to choose vehicles with low fuel consumption.

Fix your prices;

Charges can be based on the complexity of the task executed. They can also be based on time spent. When the task involves driving, you might also want to charge for mileage.

What are the target services to be provided for those interested in starting an errand service business?

For those interested in starting an errand service business in Nigeria, there are many different services that can be rendered. Just as the needs of many individuals are different, there is a market for each service you choose to render. The numerous services rendered are targeted at different people. The following are some services that can be considered when starting an errand service business.

  • Services for car owners: There are two major services errand services businesses can offer car owners. The first service is helping them with the washing of their cars. For those that are not comfortable with releasing their cars, the washing can be done in their compounds. However, for those that are comfortable with releasing their cars, the car can be taken to a car wash. All you need to do is wait for it to get washed and then return an already washed car back to the owner of the car. This simple service can buy the car owner a lot of needed time. The second service that can be offered to car owners is the service of taken a bad car for repairs. It is common knowledge that trying to fix a bad car can take the whole day. This might not favour car owners as they love to be present while their cars are fixed. Therefore, offering to take a client’s car for repair and waiting for it to get repaired will be a wonderful service offered.
  • Services for the handicapped: Just like abled bodied individuals, the handicapped also have needs to be met. Meeting this need is a service that can be provided as an errand service business owner.
  • Services for nursing mothers and heavily pregnant women: There is a lot to be done for nursing mothers and heavily pregnant women. The fact that there is a lot of service to be rendered to them equally means there is money to be made. Nursing mothers are most of the time occupied with domestic chores and might not have the needed time to do other things. Well, to buy some private time, a lot of nursing mothers will not mind paying for the services of an errand service provider. Also, heavily pregnant women are sometimes sickly. This could prevent them from doing the needful. This is therefore an avenue to make money for those that do not mind working with individuals that are prone to mood swings.
  • Services for Senior citizens: Many old people live alone. They also lack assistance in carrying out domestic tasks. Due to the fact that they are advanced in age, senior citizens are sometimes not strong enough to meet their basic needs. They most times need people to run errands such as shopping and paying bills. They therefore will be very glad to have their needs met in exchange for some payment.

Starting an errand service business is not an uphill task. It also does not require any skill. With a simple means of transportation and good publicity, you can be on your way to financial freedom even if you do not have any skills.

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